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L.T.D Poliedro is a Georgian company, the main part of its activity is the production of stretch film
(Stretch Film). In 2015, the company purchased a German-made machine in the "Producing in Georgia"
program, with an average monthly production capacity of 100-120 tons. Poliedro has the ability to
produce 8-35 microns of polyethylene stretch film ("Micron" is a thickness gauge, a stretching unit). To
date, the Company in Georgia sells about 40 tons of products. The specified product is used by all those
companies where the transportation of cargo takes place by transport packages.


Leader in the market since 2015


Increasing Market Share
 Consumers of Poliedro’s products:

Consumers of our products are the following companies: Kakheti traditional winemaking, Ascaneli
Brothers, Dugladze Wine Company, Carrefour, PSP, HENKEL, GORGIA, Hareba Winery, Diplomat Georgia,
etc. The company exports products to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

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